Phen375 Worked For Me – A Real Testimonial

Are you tired of reading those fake and hyped up Phen375 reviews that are trying to sell you the product? Read on and I will share with you a real experience.

Now about my experience with Phen375, I purchased 3 bottles and got 1 bottle for free, I figured this is how much I will need to reach my target goal, well, if the product worked.

The shipping was fast, which was a surprise and I got very excited, I wanted to start as soon as possible and carefully document my weight loss/gain.

It came with the Phen375 diet plan book which is basically different menus for different types of people (active/inactive male/female) which made it easy and was simple to do, too.

It also states that you must take 2 pills every day, one 20 minutes before your first meal and another 20 minutes before your large meal. I did my best to carefully follow their plan, although, I must admit that I didn’t always eat right. I just barely started exercises by walking 5 minutes a day.

Week 1

I was surprised and overjoyed that I lost 5 lbs without doing much exercise, just eating right and taking 2 pills each day.

Week 2

Another 3 lbs lost, I was so happy. Something was finally working and it really seemed easy to do this time.

Week 3

4.3 lbs lost. I increased my walking to 20-30 minutes 5 times a week. I highly recommend you start doing something too!!! Even that was easy for me because I could see such results. My clothes got really loose.

Week 4

3 lbs down, well, the results speak for themselves and I was truly blown away.

Week 5

By the end of week five, I had lost a total of 20 lbs. which was my goal.

This was the absolute simplist and easiest weight loss I’ve ever done.

It has now been 3 months since I lost the 20 lbs. and I still eat right and walk. I eat some snacks on weekends but never over do it and I miss exercising a couple of days a week but I haven’t gained any weight back. And even though the scale doesn’t show it, I’m getting smaller. I guess I’m toning up even more just by walking.

So I can say, Phen 375 worked for me. Phen375 is not a scam and I highly recommend you at least give 1 bottle a try, even if you’re as skeptical as I was.

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